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Welcome to the highlight of the PropTech Summit – Top of The Props! This is where the most outstanding companies and individuals in the industry are celebrated for their achievements in 2024 and their promising contributions to the future.

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What is Top of The Props?

Top of The Props is an annual event designed to honor and recognize the most exceptional actors in the PropTech industry. It’s an award everyone will strive for, marking excellence and innovation in the PropTech industry.

This years categories

This year, we will be awarding winners in the following categories.

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Startup Of The Year

This category is for Norwegian companies with fewer than 20 employees in the early stages of development. The nominees will be judged by our expert jury on their innovation, market potential, X-factor, and reference projects.

Scaleup Of The Year

For international companies with over 20 employees in the growth phase. The nominees will be evaluated based on their long-term impact, solving significant problems, growth rate, and economic results. This will also be judged by our expert jury.

Real Estate Company Of The Year

Recognizing Norwegian companies that have demonstrated remarkable performance in the real estate sector. The evaluation is done by the Event Squad.

PropTech Investor Of The Year

Celebrating investors who have significantly contributed to the PropTech ecosystem. The selection is also handled by the Event Squad.

Criteria for Evaluation

  • Innovation: Creating something new, creativity, product-market fit, short-term impacts, ESG considerations.
  • Market Potential: Addressing major trends and problems, sustainable growth rate, and economic results.
  • X-factor: Momentum, speed, "wow" effect, narrative, and team credibility.
  • Reference Projects: Customer stories and successful implementations.

Why Top of The Props?

Our goal is to highlight and honor those who stand out and deserve recognition in the PropTech industry. Winning this prestigious award not only signifies excellence but also provides a platform for greater exposure and opportunities within the industry.

What do Winners Receive?

Winners of Top of The Props will receive:

  • Recognition as a leading player in the industry
  • Rights to use the award for marketing purposes
  • One-on-one meetings with jury members
  • Free Premium membership in Proptech Norway
  • Free innovation partnership at the PropTech Summit
  • Free tickets to events organized by Proptech Norway and its partners

Nominate Your favourite!

Do you know a startup or scaleup in the PropTech industry that deserves the spotlight? Nominate them for Top of The Props and give them the recognition they deserve! Your nomination could be the key to their moment of glory.

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Event Details

Join us at the PropTech Summit 2024 for an evening of celebration and recognition. This year’s event will feature live pitches, engaging discussions, and the announcement of the winners. Mark your calendars and be part of this prestigious event!

For more information, please contact:

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The winners have contributed to the success and growth of the Norwegian proptech ecosystem through a comnbination of the following criteria, weighted according to category: Milestones reached, general momentum and track record, Technological Innovation, scalability and future roadmap, Focus on user experience and accessibility, Impact on real estate effciency and sustainability, Market position Team, potential and ambitions, Reputation and leadership.

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