Proptech Summit 2022

Welcome to Proptech Summit 2022. Proptech Norway & Friends have the pleasure of inviting you to an intimate sunrise-to-sunrise networking experience at Rebel Oslo - for our network of bright entrepreneurs, innovative real estate decision makers, and investors hunting the next big thing in proptech.

Featuring the technology and people that are making our cities more rational and sustainable - one building and neighborhood at a time. Participants will partake in discussions on how technology can alleviate the greatest challenges faced by the real estate industry. We ask you to brng your curiosity, broaden your horizons, and network like never before.

To secure your tickets for Investor's Breakfast (invite only), Proptech: Exposed (free), Proptech Fireside ($) or to get down with us at Proptech Night (free), head over to the ticket section.

Proptech = Sustainability

Around 2015, a new buzzword hit Oslo's shores: Proptech. The technology that creates new rationalities inthe way we build, operate and trade real estate.

Macro trends like climate change, rapid urbanization and green shift regulations have driven a red hot proptech market hungry for tech that measures, analyses and creates efficiencies in an industry famously sluggish on digitalization and innovation.

Oslo has proved a particularly fertile breeding ground for fresh digital concepts in real estate.

Norwegian Proptech: Bargain of The Nordics

Norwegian proptech companies (Spacemaker, Unloc, Airthings, Disruptive Technologies & Clevair, to mention just a few) capitalized on affordable talent and public early stage funding – attracting VCs and well-publicized exits.

They’ve been cheered on by particularly innovative real estate companies (Proptech Norway's corporate partners!) eager to champion industry-wide collaboration, explore new real estate business models, and meet the challenge from global tech giants.

Built on a maturing innovation ecosystem with a strong “pay it forward” ethos and increasing cross-fertilization between companies and industries, the Norwegian proptech ecosystem is burgeoning with clever founders and solutions with top global credentials.

As ESG increasingly drives industry business decisions, Norwegian proptech companies’ value-driven approach has added an extra premium and attracts globalattention.

Proptech Norway

Out of this burgeoning ecosystemgrew Proptech Norway, organically and founded as a pro bono project in 2017. Activitiesinitially centered onthe annual Proptech Summit, where global thought leaders speak to a largeaudience of Nordic real estate decision makers, investors and entrepreneursabout the opportunities opening up in the space.

The Proptech Summit has become an important launchpad and catalyst for proptech companies. Many of whom have identified their first investors, clients, board members and advisors through the network.

Proptech Norway has professionalized its network. It now counts more than 100 corporate partners and proptech members - and is expanding rapidly.

After a two year hiatus, Proptech Summit is back with a vengeance, as we try to reinvent the ways in which the industry meets and networks - and to give the strong Norwegian proptech ecosystem the Nordic and global horizon it needs and deserves.

Check out our program and speakers, then head over to to the tickets section to secure your participation!

The venue:
Rebel Oslo

Rebel is Entra’s new HQ and centerpiece of the revamped Tullin neighborhood.

Exposure at the event?

Proptech Summit jampacks one fll day and night with a series of events and carefully curated keynotes vetted for their stage skills.

Its location, focus on visitor experience and exciting venues, Rebel is a natural place for Proptech Summit 2022.