Proptech Summit 2024

Welcome to Proptech Summit 2024. Proptech Norway & Partners  invite you to embark on an exclusive sunrise-to-sunrise networking extravaganza at Mesh Nationaltheatret in Oslo. Join our gathering of smart entrepreneurs, visionary real estate innovators, and discerning investors as we explore the forefront of proptech innovation, seeking the next groundbreaking advancement of the industry's tech-driven business models.

Prepare to immerse yourself in a captivating showcase of the technology reshaping our cities into rational and sustainable hubs, with a focus on individual buildings and neighborhoods. Engage in dynamic discussions centered around how technology can effectively address the most pressing challenges confronting the real estate industry. Bring your insatiable curiosity, expand your horizons, and forge connections like never before as we redefine the future of urban living.

As we prioritize networking and intimacy, we have limited seating capacity this year. Don't miss out on the opportunity to secure your spot at the Proptech Summit. Grab your All Area Access Pass or Innovation Pass in the Ticket Section now!

Spotlight tracks

AI in Property Management

Discover the billion-dollar value streams unlocked by AI for the real estate sector. Our Global and Norwegian keynote speakers dissect how AI is already transforming real estate data into real value, enhancing operations, tenant experience, and decision-making. Explore innovations from automated documentation and plot identification to sophisticated layout generation, tenant experience solutions, and beyond.

The Energy Data Revolution

Delve into the power of energy data in securing cities’ energy future while focusing on reducing consumption in our buildings. Our sessions will explore the potential in energy data for optimizing energy use, spearheaded by digitalization and automated operations, from fault detection to improved indoor comfort, paving the way for a sustainable urban future.

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Proptech = Sustainability

Around 2015, a new buzzword hit Oslo's shores: Proptech. Proptech refers to the intersection of technology and the real estate industry, introducing new ways of building, operating, and trading real estate properties.

The emergence of Proptech was driven by macro trends such as climate change, rapid urbanization, and green shift regulations. These factors created a pressing need for technological solutions that could measure, analyze, and optimize efficiencies in an industry that was traditionally slow to adopt digitalization and innovation.

Oslo, in particular, has proven to be a fertile breeding ground for innovative digital concepts in the real estate sector. The city's ecosystem has nurtured the growth of various Proptech startups and initiatives, which aim to revolutionize the way real estate is developed, managed, and utilized through the application of technology.

Norwegian Proptech: The Bargain of The Nordics

Norwegian Proptech companies are advanced. They have capitalized on several factors that have contributed to their success. These factors include the availability of affordable talent, early-stage funding from public sources, and a supportive ecosystem. This ecosystem has attracted venture capitalists and resulted in notable exits, garnering attention for the Norwegian Proptech scene.

The innovation ecosystem in Norway has matured, fostering a culture of collaboration and knowledge-sharing among companies. The "pay it forward" ethos is strong, with successful companies and entrepreneurs actively supporting and mentoring new startups. This cross-fertilization between companies and industries has been instrumental in driving the growth of the Norwegian Proptech ecosystem.

Norwegian proptech companies have caught the attention of the real estate industry, eager to embrace collaboration and explore new business models. These companies see proptech as a means to meet the challenges posed by ESG regulation and to stay ahead in the industry.

One notable aspect of Norwegian proptech companies is their value-driven approach, which aligns well with the increasing focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in the industry. This emphasis on sustainability and social impact has added an extra premium to their offerings and has garnered global attention.

Overall, the Norwegian Proptech ecosystem is thriving, with talented founders and solutions that have gained recognition on a global scale. The combination of affordable talent, early-stage funding, collaboration, and a value-driven approach has contributed to the success and appeal of Norwegian Proptech companies.

Proptech Norway

From this thriving ecosystem, Proptech Norway emerged as an organic initiative, starting as a pro bono project in 2017. Initially, their activities revolved around organizing the annual Proptech Summit, a significant event where renowned global thought leaders share insights with a large audience consisting of Nordic real estate decision makers, investors, and entrepreneurs. This summit serves as a pivotal launchpad and catalyst for Proptech companies, providing them with exposure to potential investors, clients, board members, and advisors within the network.

Over time, Proptech Norway has successfully professionalized its network, attracting more than 150 corporate partners and proptech members. The organization's growth has been rapid, expanding its reach and influence within the industry. This expanding network creates valuable opportunities for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and business development within the proptech ecosystem in Norway.

By providing a platform for industry professionals to connect, exchange ideas, and forge partnerships, Proptech Norway has played a significant role in the development and success of the Norwegian proptech scene. Through their initiatives, they have contributed to the acceleration of innovation and the growth of proptech companies, facilitating their access to crucial resources and support.

The venue:
Mesh Nationaltheatret

Mesh is the central hub of the Norwegian tech startup scene, having established its first space a decade ago. As the headquarters of Proptech Norway, it serves as the ideal venue for the convergence of innovation and real estate. We can't wait to have you all here.