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The ways tech makes real estate efficient & sustainable. One city, neighborhood and building at a time

To join us at Proptech Night please head over to the Ticket Section. Hosted by very our generous corporate partners, the modest price covers food and beverages. The rest is on us.

If you want to join us for the exclusive Investor's Breakfast and Proptech Luncheon, or want to be visibly present at Proptech Summit, please check out the Event Partner Package and the Startup Package.

CEO, Proptech Norway

Daniel G. Butenschøn

Co-Founder, Proptech NOrway

Henrik Botten Taubøll

Co-Founder, Proptech Norway

Sindre Østgård

Co-Founder, Proptech Norway

Anders Mjåset

Proptech Summit Production Lead & Head of Partnerships

Frøyja Ruud Grytnes

Proptech Summit Production Lead & Head of Marketing

Greger Flak