Investors’ Breakfast

Delicious breakfast and an audience of international investors, real estate companies, and entrepreneurs discussing the state of the proptech market and real estate business models. Usecases from a curated selection of proptech startups with global scaling potential and proven effects on clients' bottom lines and climate footprint.






Rebel Roof


A laid-back invite-only session with quality breakfast on Rebel Roof - with unbeatable views of Oslo and the fjord beyond.

  • Introduction: The Real State of Real Estate's Business Models. By Daniel Kraft & Magnus Svantegård (Stronghold). Proptech is still the hottest of all VC sectors. Where is new regulatory and other pressures sending the money and what can it tell us  about tomorrow's real estate business models?
  • Usecase Session. Companies to be announced later. Carefully selected companies with global scaling potential solving real estate's most important sustainability issues.
  • Discussion: Hunting The Gigacorn. How do you invest in proptech when climate risk equals financial risk? With participants from We Are Human, Fifth Wall, Proptech1 Ventures, Katapult and others.

Background: The Best of Sustainable Proptech

We’re in the midst of another record-breaking year for Norwegian proptech. As overall sector investment has surpassed pre-pandemic levels, the real estate industry is increasing its tech budgets and hiring the in-house experts needed to convert proptech into sustainable business models.

Norwegian proptech has been dubbed "the bargain of the Nordics", and is attracting VCs eager to scout "The Next Spacemaker". They are prodded on by a reputation of strong Norwegian founder teams with modestly priced supertech built on a generous public data infrastructure, and supported by a freshly minted ecosystem of specialized Nordic proptech VCs. Myth or fact?

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